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80,000 Pounds of Death!

Tractor Trailers are the most regulated vehicles on the interstate for one reason alone. THEY ARE DANGEROUS! So why would you drive at speeds that you can not control right next to, in front of, or behind?


Let me explain the problem. They usually cannot see you if you are close to them. No matter how many mirrors or cameras they have. SOMETIMES THEY CAN NOT SEE YOU!


I understand that there are a lot of these units on the roadways. And sometimes you are close to them out of normal traffic. But this should be the exception not an all-the-time occurrence.


  • If you are behind them and a tire blows simple laws of physics show that the debris will go behind them. Damaging your vehicle or even worse, injuring or killing someone.

  • If you are in front of them and you have to stop suddenly. That large vehicle is not going to be able to stop in the same distance. Passenger vehicles do not hold up well against large trucks.

  • If you are beside them you could get into their blind spot. When they change lanes you may find yourself with nowhere to go. Yes, that would be their fault but that does not change that someone is going to get hurt or killed. Not to mention the damage to your vehicle.


I have handled many tractor trailer accidents over the past thirty years. While they are interesting, they are definitely not fun. Especially, for the folks involved.


So the next time you are on the freeway and you see that 80,000 pounds of death running down the road.

1. Stay as far away as possible. ¼ of a mile can be too close.

2. If you are passing, wait for the car in front of you to clear the truck before starting the pass. As you pass do not stop or run the same speed. Get on by them and get some distance.

3. If you are on a street and see a truck, give them plenty of space for them to make their turn, back up, or any other move.


Everyone would rather you be a little late than to be in an accident. Thank you to all the truck drivers out there and for the great job you do.  We see you and we want you to see us, too.  Stay safe!

Chris Cain


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